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Electroga Electroga: The electrified Yoga Workout, with a purpose
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Electrogis Unite!

e•lec•tro•gi (iˈlektrō gē) n.

one who finds joy in movement and music resulting in the bettering of their body, mind and life.
Prone to smiling, head-bobbing, exuding confidence and being their best “me”… and darn proud of it!

Electrogis Unite!

Yoga for Tweens

teen and tween yoga class

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Core Workout + Cool Video = Strong and Happy

I am LOOOVING this song to get in a great 3 1/2 minute core workout, and in general am just loving this song and video by San Holo.

Workout!  Multiple beat changes in the songs amp you to work the entire time because you just switch up what you’re doing to the next part.  Perfect for Breath of Fire with legs extended and hovering, arms extended or under your tush.  When you think you can’t do any more, just follow the beat for five more seconds and I bet you do ten seconds!  During the slow breaks, you can do a nice bicylce ride REALLY focusing on bringing the elbow to the knee vs. knee to elbow.  Just mix it up and have fun.

Video!  Just such a great metaphor for life.  We paint our own picture, our own world with the colors in in our mind.  Every day, every minutes you get an empty canvas painted by what YOU choose to paint on it.  Why not choose brightness?!  Light!  Energy!  Just go freaking crazy with good thoughts until a smile radiates from inside to the outside!!  If it’s just not working, try smiling first.  For real, smile…and see how quickly that smile moves into joy on your face, through your eyes, in your heart,  mind and tummy.  That STRONG tummy <3



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FREE Electroga Class in Los Angeles

Free electroga class at LuLu Lemon's Electroga

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No Selfie, Know Self

When was the last time you posted a selfie?

You know, when you take 15+ photos of yourself to find the perfect one.  But then you need to put it through about three or five filters, don’t forget to smooth your skin and any “lumps”…BAM!  A true representation of you in the moment – 20 minutes later.

What would happen if you went 30, yes thirty, days without taking one?

Now  that you’re no longer concerned with how many like you get, how would you feel?  What would you do with all of that extra time from not taking multiple shots and finding the right filters? Extra time from constantly checking and rechecking your phone?  When the camera is not on you, what would your eyes open up to?  What could inspire you?  Who could you inspire?

At the end of  thirty days I’m pretty darn sure that Selfieless = Selfless.

Taking the challenge is easy…

Sign up by texting EZJXA81604 to 313131 and the challenge starts the next day.  Yes, you get one last day to fill your Instagram and Twitter with selfies if you really want to….  Each day you’ll receive a text providing you with something else to take a photo of.  It starts off pretty easy, don’t be fooled!  Be sure to tag the photos you post with #SelfielessChallenge and #electroga.  I’d love to be a part of your journey so feel free to ping me, too!!   IG:  @e4electroga  T:

Rad EDM music to warm-up or break-it-on-down

I love new music.  Something different.  Gems.

I have been digging on DJ Sol Rising‘s EDM track You and I for a few months and thought, “Why am I keeping it to myself and my local Electrogis?”  My parents taught me how to share, so share this freaking rad EDM music I will!!

Starts off nice and calm; allowing you to warm-up to mentally and physically prepare for the subtle bass drop at 1:02.  It grooves so you can start moving, losing yourself in the vocals and sound effects.  Brain break anyone?  It’s sooo nice to not think for a change!

Let me know what you think – and SHARE like a good kid.

BONUS:  You can download for free or give this rad dude a buck or two so he can continue to make great music <3

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